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Fashionable Frames

Your eyewear is an extension of your personal style. A great pair of eyeglasses is the perfect accessory.

Glasses can draw people in and show off your facial features, or they can blend into the background and simply complement a great outfit. Classic frames go from day to night with ease, providing sophistication to your office attire or understated elegance to a more formal dress. Funky frames stand out, and show everyone you’re ready to take on the world.

Whatever your needs, our experienced team can work with you to understand your personality, lifestyle, and look. We can recommend a pair to suit your face shape, and you can try on as many as you like.

Come and see us to find fashionable frames today.


Tim was our in-house glasses guru, and even though our favorite Brit has moved back to the UK his wisdom lives on through this downloadable glasses guide. Click below to learn how to find the perfect frames for your face.

Framing Your Features

We have brands, colors, and styles for every budget. Our team is well-versed in the latest trends and can help you select the right frame for your face shape.

Check out our tips for choosing frames that complement your features!

Oval Face Shapes

Almost any frame shape suits an oval face. Oval faces are balanced and proportional, so the frames you select can help to maintain that natural balance.

Look for something that is as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face.

People with heart-shaped faces have wider upper faces and narrow chins. Frames that are wider along the bottom can help to balance out a heart-shaped face.

Generally, people with this face shape are blessed with high cheekbones. A cat-eye frame shape can draw attention to this coveted trait.

Those with square faces often have strong jawlines and broad foreheads. Selecting a thin, circular frame can provide softness to your well-defined angles.

For people with round faces, narrow, angular eyewear can help to elongate facial features.

The triangle face shape is characterized by a wide lower face that’s narrower on top. Round eyewear offers an interesting twist. The classic aviator looks great on people with triangle face shapes.

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Our optometry clinic, located in Waterloo, welcomes patients from all surrounding areas, including  Kitchener and Cambridge. We’re across Erb Street from the Waterloo Rec Complex and the new Delta Hotel and Barrel Yards under construction.

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