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I am near-sighted. For a long time (especially before Optometry school), I struggled with what this meant and how to remember the difference between being near-sighted and far-sighted – CONFUSING! Well, I’m going to try to explain it here as best as I can.

First of all, when I see the word near-sighted, I think “sight at near WITHOUT glasses.” When we’re near-sighted, without glasses, at a certain distance up close, we can clearly see what we’re looking at. However, when we attempt to look at further distances, things can start to get blurry. 

Secondly, to understand near-sightedness or myopia fully, we have to understand how light focuses in the eye. When we are emmetropic (no glasses needed), that means light enters the eye and focuses RIGHT ON the back of the eye (retina). When we are near-sighted (myopic), light focuses IN FRONT of the retina and we see a blurry image in the distance; glasses help focus that light right onto the retina in order for us to see a clear image. For completeness sake, far-sightedness occurs when light focuses BEHIND the retina.

So, if you find yourself squinting in the distance, be sure to contact your eye care professional for an eye exam as there is a very simple and stylish fix for that (glasses)! 

Dr. Manvit Singh


Written by Dr. Manvit Singh

Dr. Manvit K. Singh graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 2016 with honours through all 4 years. Having grown up in Waterloo, Dr. Singh started off as a patient of Pierce Family Vision at the age of 7, then worked with us as an optometry student and is now providing our patients of all ages with quality eye care. It’s safe to say she’s very familiar with our practice!

Dr. Singh’s past experiences include a rotation at the Lexington, Kentucky, Veterans Affairs Medical Center where she encountered and managed a vast array of ocular diseases and therapeutics. She worked closely with other healthcare professionals to provide quality patient-centred care at the Health Sciences Optometry Clinic in Kitchener.

Dr. Singh resides in Waterloo and loves spending her free time with her husband and her baby daughter. When Dr. Singh is in the office you’ll hear her laughter around the office while she’s making sure your regular eye exams are as enjoyable as they can be!

Fluent in Hindi and Punjabi

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