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Tim’s Guide to Glasses

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Making Sure the Frame Fits

Your glasses affect your confidence, your look, & the way people see you. Not to hype up the importance of this decision too much, but it’s true! The wrong glasses can make you look 10 years older. Even worse, they can be really uncomfortable, slip down or steam up constantly, and be nothing but a nuisance! I’m sure we all know those people who think it’s “just a pair of glasses.” PLEASE STOP! Your face deserves better.

I HATE seeing high-profile people and celebrities with glasses that don’t fit them. Of course, I’m trained to spot these things, and I wouldn’t let a patient walk away with a pair of glasses that weren’t fitting right. But I want to help you understand what to look for so you don’t make some basic mistakes while browsing alone!

Glasses Are Not a One-Size-Fits-All Product

When it comes to eyewear, every millimetre matters. Some problems can be fixed with careful adjustments done by a professional, whereas other issues can’t be altered, which means the frame wasn’t designed with your face shape/size in mind.

Here Are Some Things to Look Closely At

Is the temple long enough to bend comfortably behind your ear?

  • Check with your hands (or even take a photo) and make sure the temples aren’t hanging on to your ears by their fingertips, or, in the opposite situation, make sure they aren’t too long.

If the angle the temples bend at isn’t quite right, that’s adjustable!

  • But ensure you’re happy with their length.

Try to make sure your eyes are centered in the lenses.

  • A bad fit here can make your eyes look close together or have you looking like a hammerhead shark!

Do they fit your nose?

  • Be careful with plastic frames—the closer they follow the shape of your nose, the better. If they’re floating above the bridge of your nose with a little gap in the middle, the frame’s weight is not being spread out evenly on your face! Wear them for a few hours, and you may be itching to take them off. A plastic bridge can’t be adjusted to fit your nose better!

If the frames don’t fit you well on your nose, but the frame has nose pads, you’re in luck!

  • These are very adjustable and come in different shapes/sizes, so even if it is not a perfect fit immediately, an adjustment can help spread the frame’s weight out evenly.

Are they the right size for you?

  • Often, frames will come in multiple sizes, so be sure to ask. look at them from different angles and check for things like the temples pushing into the side of your head (you need to go a size up!) or having that look where you’re wearing a massive pair of ski goggles (go a size down, unless it’s a designer, in which case maybe that’s just the fashion). I told you, glasses aren’t simple!

Planning on buying your glasses online?

  • I could write an essay on the hundreds of reasons buying glasses online is a bad idea, but I know sometimes you want a cheap pair of glasses to get you by in a pinch. If you insist on buying glasses online, when it comes to fit, check the frame measurements carefully. You can’t try on a pair of glasses online, so you have no idea how it will fit your face when it arrives. Alleviate some of that risk by making sure you’re choosing a frame you know is an eye size that tends to fit you. Alternatively, don’t take the risk. Save yourself all that work, and let us help you find the perfect frame—it’s what we’re here for, and we love doing it!

Written by Tim Willers

Tim Willers worked at Pierce Family Vision from 2018-2021, helping patients find their perfect frames & contact lenses. He has since moved back to the UK but remains our honorary glasses guru.

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